May 14

Happy Birthday Miranda Cosgrove! Celebrate With Her Cutest Jennette BFF Moments!


We adore birthday girl Miranda Cosgrove for a million reasons. Not only is she a super talented actress, but she’s also one of the sweetest celebrities in Hollywood! But our fave thing about the babe is that she’s still IRL best friends with her iCarly costar Jennette McCurdy to this day. That’s why we’re spending Miranda’s birthday celebrating her cutest bestie moments with Jennette!

Their Tokyo Trip: Miranda and Jennette recently went to Tokyo Disneyland together and our FOMO had zero chill! We’d give anything to thirdwheel their hang out sesh at the happiest place on Earth. Seriously, how cute are their Mickey Mouse hats?

San Fran Selfies: The besties recently made the trip up from LA to San Francisco and made sure to take lots of selfies to document. After all, what’s a trip without lots and lots (and lots) of photos?

Seafood DinnersICYMI, Jennette’s been allergic to shellfish for like, ever. So we died laughing when Miranda posted this pic of them having crab! “After spending most of her life being allergic to shellfish, she is now a pro crab cracker,” Miranda captioned the action shot.

Matching Halloween Costumes: Need some costume inspo for you and your bestie? Look no further than Jennette and Miranda’s Scooby Doo costumes! They seriously nailed it — their costumes are super authentic.

Super Sweet ThrowbacksMiranda posted this photo of the two from their days on iCarly for Jennette’s birthday last year! As if the nostalgia wasn’t already giving us feels, Miranda’s caption for Jennette is seriously everything and more.

Coachella CrewThere’s nothing more fun than going to a music festival with your BFF. This shot of Miranda and Jennette at Coachella is seriously what dreams are made of.

Popmaniacs — what’s your favorite bestie moment between Miranda and Jennette? Tell us in the comments below!