Sep 13

Happy Birthday Niall Horan! Rock Out To His Official Bday Playlist


Who’s ready to celebrate Niall Horan’s birthday today? We sure are! This Irish singer has swooned us since his debut on The X Factor UK and looks he won’t be stopping any time soon. Not only is Niall an incredible singer and guitar player, but he’s also a mega talented songwriter. He helped write so many of the One Direction songs we blasted in our cars during the band’s peak career. Now we want to celebrate this special day with Niall Horan’s official birthday playlist — listen here!

Fool’s Gold,” by One Direction: The best way to make us cry throwback tears is by playing this amazing song. Niall Horan co-wrote this incredible tune that makes us totally miss the British boy band. Niall has even been performing this song throughout his mini tour recently, giving his fans the ultimate solo sneak peak at the original 1D song.

This Town,” by Niall Horan: Niall’s first solo single made us so proud of the former One Direction singer! This song really spoke about true love and emotions that pair with it. It’s no surprise that the single pulled our heart strings considering Niall wrote so many of 1D’s iconic ballads. The intimate sound of Niall’s voice and the acoustic guitar was the perfect start for what we know will be a long career for the babe.

Never Enough,” by One Direction: Made In The A.M. had bops that were infectious and super catchy. This had to be our absolute favorite pop song on the band’s last album. It was definitely a song we played on repeat to learn every word and melody. Niall did an incredible job helping to write the song!

Night Changes,” by One Direction: This song proved just how amazing not only Niall’s songwriting was as an artist, but how musically talented the entire band was. “Night Changes” was filled with lyrics that really spoke the truth about growing up and seeing time flash by. The mix of the boy’s voices and vocal abilities throughout the ballad is what makes it an all around incredible song.

Slow Hands,” by Niall Horan: Niall’s second single was super unexpected, but absolutely fabulous. The chill pop song features lyrics that made our hearts throb for hours after hearing it. This mix of 60s acoustic rock and modern pop really showcased how talented Niall is as a performer and songwriter. There’s no doubt this is just the start of many incredible songs Niall will create during his amazing music career.

What’s your favorite song from Niall Horan’s official birthday playlist? Let us know in the comments below!