May 19

6 Moments From Harry Styles’ Carpool Karaoke That Made Us Lose All Chill


Harry Styles’ Carpool Karaoke has to be the most hilarious thing that’s popped up on our newsfeed today Popmaniacs! The James Corden hit series has us laughing so hard because of their incredible banter and wacky personalities. Here’s our five best moments that made us smiling from ear to ear:

1) Concert Preview: Hearing Harry sing with James was an awesome preview for Harry’s official tour starting in September. We would love if James would special guest for a duet or two! Either way, Harry’s voice in concert is an absolute dream we can’t get enough of.

2) Drum Montage: These guys are really into their music! Their drum montage and air piano is pretty impressive too. We would definitely love a lesson or two on how to be rad rockstars like these guys.

3) James and Harry’s Outfit Changes: Our absolute fave part of this video was the outfit changes between Harry and James. Harry is known for his awesome style and risky fashion and this is no exception. He definitely can pull off any look (even a gold spandex shirt — which looks fab BTW).

4) Harry’s Passion For Music: When Harry and James do a real karaoke duet, chills ran down our backs. Harry was fully immersed in the song and hitting the most amazing notes. Its great to see an artist so passionate not only for his own music but for classics and other singers’ work.

5) Harry’s Acting Skills: We were all so excited to hear that Harry acted in the incredible movie Dunkirk. We are so happy Harry is able to explore his talents, which are obviously amazing. Did you hear that American accent? Harry is definitely on his was to a Grammy and… A Golden Globe?! Only time will tell. We have to admit, James was an amazing acting coach helping Harry work on his on cue crying (although the water bottle helped a little).

What were your favorite moments from the Carpool Karaoke video Popmaniacs? Tell us in the comments below!