Oct 08

5 Artists We Need Harry Styles To Collab With


Harry Styles has been taking over the United States with amazing performances, custom Gucci suits and all around charm. With his first solo tour already in the works, the former One Direction singer will be bound to release even more new music soon. Although we absolutely love his solo music, hearing a collab with him would be a dream come true. With so many talented and legendary musicians in his inner circle, there’s endless possibilities of who Harry could work with. These are five artists we NEED Harry Styles to collab with:

Coldplay: Harry Styles has been a long time admirer of Coldplay and it’s lead singer Chris Marten. Now that he is becoming one of the biggest rock stars in the country, the roles have reversed. The band even performed a mash up of their own song with the former One Direction singer’s “Sign of The Times.” We would love to see these two genius artists put their creativity and amazing musicality together to create the ultimate collab.

Shania Twain: Shania Twain was one of the first artists Harry Styles grew up listening to, thanks to his mom. She shaped his love for country music even to this day. Not only that, Shania came to watch Harry perform for his Los Angeles show at the beginning of his tour. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have these two work together on a country, rock infused song? We know it would be the cross over mix of the decade!

Kodaline: This indie band from Dublin has worked with Harry before, but never recorded a song together! Kodaline is known for it’s amazing vocals and artistic lyrics that would totally fit with Harry’s new music. With Harry’s awesome vocals mixed with lead singer Steve Garrigan’s, their song would emulate the perfect mix of 70s rock and acoustic alternative music.

Ed Sheeran: Long time friend Ed Sheeran has written for Harry’s former boy band One Direction. These two haven’t worked together to write and record a song, which is a total shame! The British lads could create the ultimate song by combining the blues sounds of Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain” and the incredible lyrics of Harry’s “Two Ghosts.”

Mick Jagger: Although this could be a total stretch, we would love to see the Rolling Stones’s original lead singer collab with Harry. Not only would it be a dream come true to us, but Harry would be head over heels over working with the man he is compared to daily. With their beautiful suits, jewelry and incredible stage presence, they would create the perfect song.

Which artist do you want to collab with Harry Styles? Let us know in the comments below!