Nov 01

How To Get Perfect Beachy Waves


Alexa Goldie, who goes by Alexa when she’s on stage, seriously has the perfect blonde beach ways. Her hairstylist Lindy at Mila Skin Care tells Popmania readers how to get Alexa’s signature hair look!

Trust us, getting the perfect waves is NOT as hard as it seems. Follow Lindy’s steps and you’ll be picture perfect in 30 minutes or less.
Here’s what you need: Hairspray, a clip or two (you’ll use these to section your hair) and a couple of curling irons (depending on your hair length and how many layers of curls you want)

More curling iron info: If you have shorter layers you’ll want a small iron. If you have longer layers, you’ll want a large curling iron. The sizes of curling irons range from 3/4 inch all the way up to 1.5 inches.

Step 1: Section hair, starting at nape of neck, into two or three inch sections with horizontal parting. This will give you four or five sections of hair to work with! Begin curling your hair at the root (if you want your hair super curly) or two to three inches from the top of your head (if you want looser waves). Curl around your head horizontally.

Step 2: When you have finished curling each row, spray your hair with hairspray. Make sure you spray it from 12 inches away! Let the hairspray dry.

Step 3: Tousle your hair with your fingers. Lindy wants to make sure you know DO NOT BRUSH IT! She says you can use a pick comb, though, as a tool to help define the curls. Last, have one final spray from 12 inches away again with your hairspray.
Here are some other tips! If you want your curls to be fuller — hang upside down and tousle with your fingers. Lindy also says “don’t be concerned about it falling out… it will last as the day goes on! It keeps its flirtiness and movement.”

She also says, “Your hair can last for a few days morphing into different looks.” She suggests wearing it in a top knot while you sleep at night so it keeps its curl. She also suggests “brushing it on day two or three for a softer and prettier look.”

Have fun and let us know how your beachy waves look!