Feb 16

Austin North Spills ‘I Didn’t Do It’ Season 2 Secrets


Last night, the Season 2 premiere of I Didn’t Do It aired on Disney Channel — and it was awesome.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with us, actor Austin North spilled all the fun things to expect from Season 2 on the show!

Austin plays Logan on the super-popular Disney channel show — he’s a Freshman in high school who has a twin sister named Lindy (played by our fave girl Olivia Holt. We are SO psyched that the show is finally back!

The 18-year-old was MORE than psyched to tell us about how different Season 2 of I Didn’t Do It is SO different than the first season.

“I’d say [season two] is a little bit different from Season 1. Season 1 as a little more about all of the disasters and getting into trouble. I Didn’t Do It pretty much every episode was a lot of fun and big messes. All of that was fun to film, but Season Two I’d say strays away a little bit from that. It’s more about the relationship, the friends, and [how] we’re in our sophomore year of high school kind of just doing our thing now. Logan gets his first real girlfriend, which is exciting. We’ll get to see how the whole Jasmine and Logan thing kind of develops, which I’m excited for everyone to see,” Austin told us.

We are totally obsessed with Season 1 of I Didn’t Do It, and Season Two sounds JUST as awesome! We can’t wait to see all of the characters grow up together!

Austin ALSO gave away a fun secret about the filming of Season 2!

“Well, this season we’ve been doing live tapings. It’s our first time doing that — we didn’t do that last season. So everything is live now — we have a live audience, their laughs are the laughs that are on the show. So it’s a whole different environment, a whole new energy happening. It’s a live audience and I love it,” Austin spilled to us.

That right, Popmaniacs! All the giggles you hear on the show are real fans, just like you!

How excited are YOU to see more amazingness of I Didn’t Do It? Let us know in the comments below!