Jul 20

Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Interview With Jake Miller!


Major news, Popmaniacs — mega babe Jake Miller stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica and it was literally the best day of our lives! The singer/rapper/all-around-coolest-guy-ever hung out with us for the afternoon before leaving on tour with Fifth Harmony. While he was in our office, Jake spilled major music deets from what he’s bringing on tour with him to all about his upcoming EP! We’re so excited to share Jake’s interview with you, so instead of making you wait we’re giving you these behind the scenes secrets. Here’s everything you won’t see on camera.

1. He’s seriously the sweetest guy ever: Jake is a total gentleman. Even as a major celebrity, his manners are on fleek. Jake held the door open for all of the girls in the office — whoever said chivalry was dead clearly hasn’t met Jake!

2. He has the best style in Hollywood: We love a guy who knows how to dress. Jake came into our office dressed to kill — he even rocked summer’s hottest trend, the baseball cap!

3. He told us all about his date for the TCA’s: Jake is flying in his sister from New York to be his date to the Teen Choice Awards! This is literally the cutest thing we’ve ever heard.

4. He channeled his inner Picasso: Jake drew his self portrait and it was literally everything. We’d die for an original piece of artwork from Jake himself.

5. He hula hooped for us: Basically, hanging out with Jake was the most fun afternoon ever. Jake totally rocked our hot pink hula hoops — we can’t wait to show you!

6. He revealed so many EP deets: Not a drill, you guys. Jake told us EVERYTHING about his upcoming Overnight EP. After hearing Jake’s spoilers, we’re convinced that Overnight will be the EP of the year.

Popmaniacs — what are YOU most excited to see in our interview with Jake Miller? Tell us in the comments!


  • Brittany Ann

    is he still dating maddy?