Dec 05

Jake Miller’s Next Album Is So Close, He’s Recruiting Fans To Help Name It!


It’s always a good day whenever Jake Miller announces he has new music coming soon. Even though the babe is super busy playing shows all across the country and doing press nonstop, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t still been recording new music for us to obsess over. Seriously, when does Jake even sleep?! He’s constantly releasing new music for his fans, which is exactly why we love him so much. And Jake isn’t even just dropping a few songs soon, he has an entire album in the works. Here’s what to know:

In a recent interview, Jake revealed that his next album is closer to completion than fans may think. “Coming soon, and even better than the last one… It’s almost pretty much done,” Jake said about his next album. Woah — how did he manage to do that?! “I’m independent now. I’m making music on the road. I can literally go back to the hotel after this and make a full song if I wanted to.” We love that Jake has complete and total control over his music.

But just because Jake is an independent artist, doesn’t mean his isn’t recruiting a little bit of outside help. Jake took to Twitter to ask his fans for help naming his upcoming album! “What should I name my album…..” he asked his followers. Obviously the Millertary was quick to jump in and help! The relationship between Jake and his fanbase is like no other. Not only do Jake’s fans love him, but he loves them back. Jake’s always taking the time to read his fan’s comments and respond back to them. We wonder what Jake will name his next album!

Popmaniacs — are you excited for Jake Miller to release his next album? What do YOU think he should name the record? Tell us in the comments below!