Jan 08

5 Times James Corden Was Harry Styles’ Biggest Fan


When we think of our fave Man Crush Monday, our minds automatically think of Harry Styles. Although we are totally obsessed with him, we think that James Corden has to be his biggest fan. James and Harry have had a long friendship since H’s One Direction days. Even to this day, the two besties show affection and admiration for each other through many ways. Here are five times James Corden was Harry Styles’ biggest fan:

Carpool Karaoke: James took BFF Harry Styles for his own carpool karaoke. They sang Harry’s amazing songs from his debut solo album and a few of his favorite throwback tunes. We loved seeing James admire Harry while he sang every note with loving eyes like a big brother!

W Magazine: W captured a fan moment from James during their interview. When asked about his friendship with Harry, the late night host began to smile and recount how much he loves the British rock star. We love that James can openly admit how big of a crush he has on H!

Christmas Carpool Karaoke: The recent Christmas carpool karaoke was the moment we knew James was the luckiest and biggest Harry Styles fan. The two shared an amazing smooch in the middle of the video, truly proving these bros are absolutely best buddies.

When Harry Saved The Day: Being best friends truly means being there through thick and thin. When James’ wife went into labor, he asked his buddy Harry to host the Late Late Show with only two and a half hours notice! James must have really been Harry’s biggest fan that day as he did a great job filling in for the entire show that evening.

Harry’s Residency At The Late Late Show: Not many stars get their own week at a late night talk show. Luckily for Harry Styles, James was nice enough to give him the chance. Harry gave us incredible performances, skits and interviews we will never forget!

What do you think of James Corden and Harry Styles’ friendship Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments!