Apr 30

Take A Sneak Peek At Jennette’s New TV Show!


OMG — the teaser for Jeannette’s new Netflix show, Between, is here and it looks AMAZING. Of course. Because it’s Jeannette, and she’s amazing, so it only makes sense that her new show is too. This 37 second teaser is so good — it has us dying to see more!! We’re so excited for the show to come out May 21st! SO SOON!! We’re already planning our viewing party. What snacks go with the whole “survivalist thriller” theme?? Trail mix?

Jeannette is one of our fave actresses. Her Instagram is always so clever, and she was totally hilarious on Sam & Cat! But Between is a total switch from Jeannette’s normal comedy — it’s a survivalist thriller and it sounds insane!! It’s the story of the town of Pretty Lake as it’s nearly wiped out by a mysterious disease, where only those 21 and under are able to survive. The young survivors are quarantined in a 10-mile area by the government and are forced to learn to fend for themselves.

UMM — DYING OVER HERE! The teaser is totally thrilling and eerie! We’re legit already addicted to the series. It’s so cool to see Jeannette in such a different role! Jeannette plays the town of Pretty Lake’s minister’s daughter as she navigates the post-apocalyptic environment. We’re scared/excited/intruiged all at the same time! SO MANY EMOTIONS — WE CAN’T EVEN DEAL.

We wonder if the series will feature any of Jeannette’s music. The 22 year-old is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter! That would be sooo awesome if she recorded new music exclusively for the series. Jeannette is also busy voice acting for the upcoming animated 3D movie Almost Heroes! Yay — sooo much Jeannette coming our way! We love it!

Are you excited for Jeannette’s new Netflix series? What do you think of the teaser?? Let us know in the comments!