May 11

Jordan Fisher’s ‘All About Us’ Music Video Is Here — And It’s EVERYTHING


We’re all about Jordan Fisher here at Popmania. Not only is he a *total* sweetheart, he’s an insanely talented singer, dancer and actor! Not to be dramatic or anything, but he’s essentially the most perfect human being to have ever walked the earth. Today officially became the best day ever when Jordan released his music video for his single “All About Us!” We’ve loved the song ever since we first heard it, but now that we’ve seen the video our obsession has reached new levels.

Obvi we’ve seen Jordan dance before (hellooooo, we’ve only watched Grease: Live about nine million times!) but we’ve never seen him break it down like this! We’ve beyond impressed — not to mention head over heels in love. Jordan’s “All About Us” dancing is giving us some serious Justin Timberlake vibes. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a classic dance-packed music video and we’re loving every second.

We can’t get enough of the video’s ultra cool vibe! Everything is on point — from the lighting to the outfits, we’re obsessed. This is definitely the most mature we’ve ever seen Jordan and we’re totally into it. The babe is using his music career to show us a brand new side of himself and it’s working. If the rest of Jordan’s videos are even half as good as this, they’ll still be the most amazing music videos we’ve ever seen. Don’t call us drama queens butttt Jordan’s singing career might be the best thing to have ever happened to us.

Thinking about all of the surprises to come on Jordan’s album is killing us! His debut album cannot come out soon enough. We wonder what the track list will be like! Or if there will be any amazing collabs.  Jordan’s got so many talented friends, like Vanessa Hudgens and Olivia Holt, we wonder if we’ll see any guest appearances on the album!

Popmaniacs — what’s your favorite moment from the “All About Us” music video?! Tell us in the comments!