Dec 06

Jordan Fisher’s Reason For Adopting His Dog Will Bring You To Tears


It feels like every single day we fall more and more in love with Jordan Fisher. He acted his way into our hearts on Liv & Maddie, sang his way into our souls with his debut EP Jordan Fisher, and danced into our dreams when he won Dancing With The Stars. But today we’re fangirling over Jordan for a whole new reason — his relationship with his dog Sora! In a new interview with PETA, Jordan opened up about exactly what his relationship with Sora means to him, and it will seriously bring you to tears. Here’s what the dog lover shared:

One of the things that makes Jordan unique is his personal story — he was adopted by his maternal grandmother and stepfather when he was a baby. So when he made the decision to adopt a dog, it made their bond that much stronger. “I think the importance of adoption rests on the merit of what that is alone. I am adopted, and I am so grateful for my story, and that’s what makes me who I am,” he shared. “Making the decision to add to my life and enrich my life by getting a dog, it makes it that much greater that I was able to take a dog out of that situation and give them an opportunity to do what they do best.” Alright, we’re full blown sobbing right now. The relationship between Sora and Jordan is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We’re so happy that Jordan was able to adopt Sora and not only make his dog’s life better, but have his own life improved by getting a dog!

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