Jan 23

Meet Our New Fave Dancer, Jordyn Jones!


Dancer and singer Jordyn Jones is only 14 years old, but she’s already rocking our world. We’re obsessed with this little blonde beauty!

Lucky for us here at Popmania, we got to exclusively talk to Jordyn all about her latest dance plans!

If you’re a dancer, too, you should TOTALLY enter Jordyn’s fun dace competition! She gave us the full scoop on what it’s about.

“It will be on my YouTube channel in February and it will be leading up to releasing my first single called ‘Step It Up,’” Jordyn tells us exclusively.

Wait — Jordyn’s releasing a single?! We are TOO excited to hear this cutie’s new music

Here’s how you enter her dance competition:

“Each week on my YouTube channel I will be posting a video dance tutorial with my choreographer Wildabeast. Everyone will be able to learn that dance and post their own video. At the end of the week, I will pick one winner. At the end of all four weeks, the four winners will be entered to win a grand prize drawing for a chance to be privately flown out to Los Angeles and meet me — and a bunch of other cool things!” Jordyn explained.

This West Coast cutie has been dancing since she could walk! Which totally explains why she’s SO good at it — check out some of her amazing moves right here.

What’s it take to become an incredible dancer? Jordan told us!

“I would say just ask your mom to put you in you a nearby dance class. and see how you like it and if then you like it!. If you really want to be a dancer, and become a professional, just work REALLY hard at it, practice at home and stretch — a lot!” she says.

It’s time to start practicing our dance moves so we can enter this seriously-cool contest.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest — check back for deets here at Popmania.

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  • Layna Rodriguez

    cant dance lol but LUV HERRR