Jun 17

Watch Jordyn Jones’ New Music Video With Forever In Your Mind


Jordyn Jones — you might know her from her ah-mazing dancing videos on YouTube — is making her way into the music scene! Our fav dancing queen collab’d with the Forever In Your Mind boys on their new song “Sweet Little Something” and even made an appearance in their music video!


The 15 year old (who’s also a pro selfie taker, btw) — who’s close pals with FIYM’s Emery, Ricky and Liam — is SUPER talented (duh) as a dancer, but she’s also proving to be a pretty great singer and rapper, too! She’s teased us with covers of songs like “Winter Wonderland” (which was also with FIYM!) and “Fancy” these past few months, so we’re SO stoked to see her performing original songs!


Jordyn looks totally cute in the video, with her boho-chic fishtail braid and flower crown! She ROCKS her rap solo in “Sweet Little Something” — she looks way cool sitting on the Jeep in her printed leggings and denim jacket! We love seeing her silly side too, like when she’s jumping on the trampoline or photo bombing other people.


When Popmania last chatted with Jordyn, she spilled about her upcoming EP and single “Step It Up”, which we’re so, so psyched to hear soon! She explained that she’s excited to do some more rapping and perform songs that are a cross between T-Swift, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea, AKA some of our fav ladies of all time.


Since then, she’s talked about going on tour (!!!!) and focusing on her music. But don’t worry — she won’t be forgetting about her YouTube channel! She’s totes going to keep posting awesome dancing videos and covers.


Which of Jordyn’s covers is YOUR favorite? Are you hoping to see her on tour this year? Let us know in the comments!