Jul 21

Watch Jordyn Jones New ‘I’m Dappin’ Music Video


In her new music video for “I’m Dappin,” Jordyn Jones shows off her two biggest skills — dancing and singing! The 15-year-old blonde babe just premiered her new rap video… and it’s epic!

Ryan Seacrest premiered the music video and we love everything about it — seriously, every single thing. The song, the lyrics, the neon lights, the outfits, the dancing!

ESPECIALLY the dancing!!

Her moves are sick and she really shows off what she can do in this video! We are obsessed with the visuals when she is dancing on the rooftop! The city looks so beautiful. (Not as beautiful as her, of course!)

It seems like Jordyn loved the rooftop scene as well!!

She shared with Ryan Seacrest, “I had a blast shooting the music video, my favorite scene was the helipad rooftop scene … it felt like I was standing on top of Los Angeles! It was really fun dancing with my best friends and having all my friends be extras in the video. We just got to hang out and goof off on set.”

We also just need to say that she looked stunning! All of the different outfits showed a different side to her, but J totally killed it! She looked phenomenal and she can pop, lock and drop it like there’s no tomorrow!

We will definitely be watching this video on repeat for the rest of…. forever.

What do  you guy think of Jordyn’s new music video!? Do you love it as much as us!? Let us know in the comments!