May 18

Celebrate 8 Years Of ‘One Time’ With The Best Music Video Moments!


Can you believe it Popmaniacs? Justin Bieber’s “One Time” music video came out eight years ago so of course we have been watching it non-stop all day! This was the song that took Justin to the top and made him the next big pop star of the decade. From Usher calling Justin to the girl we were all jealous of because Justin liked her, here are our top moments from the “One Time” music video!

1) That Hair Flip: We all remember the hair style everyone rocked after Justin became a mega star. Can we all just reminisce on how adorable he looked with his shaggy skater-boy hair? And when he flips it away from his eyes? Swoon. 

2) Justin Using Usher’s House: Super Jealous is probably the best words to use when it comes to throwing a party in a house like Usher’s. Usher even ASKED Justin to hold down the fort for him. If Justin isn’t available next time, we’ve got your back, Usher!

3) We Want An Invite: This party looks absolutely crazy! Silly string and a DJ pool side would definitely be a bash we want to be a part of. Maybe we’ll ask J Bieb to dance with us, the possibilities are endless.

4) Cheer Up Justin: We’ve gotta admit, we are a bit (okay a lot)  jealous of Justin and that girl at the party, but the she left him at there which made him sad. It’s okay Justin, we will never break your heart.

5) Welcome Back Usher: Hey Usher! Justin probably made him proud because of this sick party he pulled off! Well Usher, if you ever needs someone to plan another party for him, we are just a phone call away.

What was your favorite part of the music video, Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments below!