Apr 19

Justin Bieber Just Performed His New Spanish Song Live + We Are HERE FOR IT


Justin Bieber may be hard at work on his Purpose Tour right now, but it seems he always has time to surprise his fans. Recently, Justin dropped a collab of a remix of Luis Fonsi’s song “Despacito.” The song features Bieber singing in Spanish for the first time ever and we were stunned. But fans seeing Justin on the Puerto Rican leg of his tour were even more surprised when they got to hear the brand-new song live. NO WAY.

Luis Fonsi posted a short video to Insta that shows him on stage with the Biebs, both of them singing in Spanish together. When we saw it, we were going almost as crazy as the crowd! It seems like the stunt was spontaneous, even for Luis: “Thanks for the invite to the show Justin! Fui a ver el show y termine arriba del escenario (I went to see the show and ended up on stage!)” We don’t know what compelled Justin to try out their new song that night, but we’re so glad he did!

Even though the video is a little hard to hear, we are so proud and impressed with Justin by even attempting to sing bilingually. This a feat normally only attempted by those like Pitbull and Camila Cabello, who come from bilingual families. Justin sounds amazing in the recorded version, so we are super jealous of the few people who got to hear the song live!

Fans are already obsessed with the track, which is bound to turn into a hit. This latin-inspired sound is so different from what we normally hear from Bieber, but the song’s popularity has us wondering if Justin will be open to making more music like this. We would totally love a Pitbull collab in Justin’s future, or maybe even a duet in Spanish with Shakira? The possibilities are endless!

What do you think about Justin singing in Spanish? Tell us in the comments!