May 11

Beauty Hack: Inside Kaia Gerber’s 30 Second Eyebrow Trick


Ready for a major beauty game changer? Supermodel Kaia Gerber just shared her most valuable beauty secret ever. We all know that Kaia (just like her mom legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford) is famous for her full eyebrows. But did you know that brows like Kaia’s are super easy to get? We’re serious — you can get Kaia’s eyebrows without microblading, filling in, or even tweezing. And the best part? You can get them in under thirty seconds. Here’s how:

In a recent interview with The Coveteur, Kaia shared her game changing secret. The babe was asked about the best makeup tip she’s learned at a photoshoot and her answer is gold. “Learning to brush my eyebrows up. Not all the way to the side, but leaving them a little bit messy. I think it looks really cute, and young. That’s the thing now, full brows. No, [I’ve never done anything to my brows]. And that’s the trick! To leave them full, because they never grow back. I’ve just left them,” the 15-year-old shared. Say whaaa?! You mean we can have Vogue-status brows just by using this brushing technique?! BRB, using an old toothbrush to practice this right now.

That’s not Kaia’s only maintenance beauty secret — her skincare routine is just as easy to do. “My beauty routine doesn’t consist of much! I keep it super simple. It’s very much ‘less is more’. If anything, I just make sure to wash my face, and wear sunscreen,” she also dished. Seriously guys — wearing sunscreen everyday is so important. Even more important than having the perfect highlight and contour is having a healthy base. Prioritizing skin health is the most important beauty tip of all!

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