Jul 17

Katy Perry Thanks Left Shark For Super Bowl Success


#FlashbackFriday to the performance that changed all of our lives — Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Everything about her performance was BEYOND amazing, from the costumes to the songs to the not-so-synchronized dancing of America’s sweetheart — Left Shark. Left Shark may not have been the most coordinated dancer on the stage, but he still found a way to dance his way into our hearts. It only makes sense that this week, Katy received her first Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program” for this memorable performance! But Katy didn’t forget to thank everyone who helped her along the way. She Tweeted a cartoon of the superstar Left Shark with the caption, “Um…Woke up to my first Emmy nomination for the Halftime show!!! V proud of everyone involved especially .” Her love for Left Shark is anything but ‘Hot N Cold’ and makes it clear — once and for all — that Katy is our spirit animal. We’re POSITIVE that Katy has to win the Emmy for her Super Bowl performance and we’re hoping she’ll thank Left Shark in her acceptance speech!

Did you love Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show and Left Shark as much as we did? Tell us in the comments!