Feb 05

Celeb Sundays: Keith Powers Takes Our Official Popmania Quiz


Major news, Popmaniacs — heartthrob Keith Powers stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica and it was legit the best day of our lives. The actor stopped by for a super fun on-camera interview to dish spoilers about his new Freeform series, Famous In Love. Keith spilled everything from what it’s like working with his co-star Bella Thorne, to what we can expect to happen in season 1! And that’s not all that went down — while Keith was in our office, we gave him our official quiz. Brace yourselves, his answers are everything.

Did you know that Keith (or should we call him… KP!) is super good at making oatmeal? He even told us his secret recipe while he was hanging out in our office.

Um, how adorable is Keith’s last text? We *love* guys who appreciate their moms. Keith is a total momma’s boy — and that might just be our absolute favorite thing about him. #Swoon.

Keith got super real on his quiz when he revealed the best advice he’s ever been given. “Always remain grateful and appreciative,” he shared with us. This is seriously so important — and definitely the reason why Keith’s remained so grounded throughout his success!

Popmaniacs — which of Keith’s quiz answers is your favorite? Tell us which answer has you fangirling in the comments below!