May 05

Behind The Scenes Secrets From Our Interview With Kelli Berglund


Major news, Popmaniacs — our fave actress Kelli Berglund stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for a super fun on-camera interview and it was literally everything. We could have hung out with the brunette bombshell all day long, she was seriously awesome! The Lab Rats: Elite Force star spilled to us everything from major behind the scenes secrets, to all about her cast mates! Feeling FOMO from our hang sesh with Kelli? We’re giving you the behind the scenes lowdown from our hang out with the babe so that you can feel like you were there.

1. She was awesome — Kelli was seriously so fun to hang out with. We could have chilled with the babe all day! Not only is K hilarious IRL, she’s also a major sweetheart. We literally couldn’t have more of a girl crush on her!

2. Her outfit was unreal — Kelli is the definition of style goals. So it’s no surprise that K showed up at our office wearing the *perfect* outfit. She wore a black crop top with black and light pink patterned pants from Topshop! Her outfit was completed with a pair of ahmazing black suede heels. We’re dying to copy this look for our next night out.

3. She loved our emoji stickers — While she was filling out our Official Popmania Quiz, Kelli had a blast sticking our emoji stickers all over it. We can’t wait to share K’s hilarious answers with you!

4. Kelli took our “Would You Rather” challenge like a champ K brought up some seriously thought provoking points while she was answering our WYR’s. We can’t wait to reveal what she said to you all!

Popmaniacs — what part of our Kelli Berglund interview are you looking forward to seeing most?! Tell us in the comments!