Dec 10

Kelli Berglund Is Officially Our Favorite Designer — Ever!


It’s official: Kelli Berglund is perfect. Not only is she one of our favorite actresses, she’s also our newest fave fashion designer! The Lab Rats star paired up with The Style Club to release her new clothing line ‘MUSE’ and it’s basically the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen. Kelli recently called our office to dish on everything from fashion to BTS secrets. Our obsession with the brunette babe is starting to become unhealthy — we literally couldn’t fangirl harder over her.

“It’s something that I’ve actually been wanting to do for a couple months now and it finally just all came together,” Kelli revealed exclusively to us, “I’m doing it with my stylist and basically what we wanted to do is just create a cute line for teenage girls and have it sort of influenced by high fashion/red carpet kind of things but for an affordable price.”

Kelli’s line has an amaze motto ‘sugar, spice, and everything nice.’ She explained to us the meaning of the motto behind her clothing line. “The colors definitely play into that, we have like foxy pink and icy blues which kind of fall into the sugar side of things. And then spice we have cool, edgy suede jackets and the black dress, and this romper that ties up the front, so that’s kind of more on the edgy side. And then the everything nice is more the dressier pieces. We have like a little two piece crop top with high waisted shorts that’s super perfect for holiday parties or going out to something kind of formal. But what’s nice about all these pieces is that you can dress it up or dress it down. So everything nice is just kind of like it falls into that category. Everything kind of does, but obviously some pieces are a little bit dressier. But I think the ‘Sugar, spice and everything nice’ is really relevant throughout the whole collection.” Have we mentioned we’re obsessed?

All of the pieces are sooo cute — and Kelli told us which ones are her faves! “I would say the clothes tie between the suede jacket that we have in both colors, which is like a super nice suede. It’s feels so expensive and it’s so cute. And then also this big oversized fuzzy sweater that we have in several colors as well. It’s so warm and so nice to wear in the winter time and just throw it on with jeans or something. It’s just such a cute little sweater.”

Popmaniacs — check out Kelli’s line here!