Apr 17

EXCLUSIVE: Kerri Medders Dishes On Her ‘Lot 17’ EP!


Popmaniacs — we got to chat exclusively with Kerri Medders about her brand new EP Lot 17! The babe shared major behind-the-scenes secrets… and we’re sharing them all with you:

Popmania: Tell us about your brand new EP Lot 17!
KM: My new EP Lot 17 is a collection of what’s currently going on in my life at the age of 17 and what’s helped me become who I am at so far. I created all these songs and I was struggling with a title that would tie them all together but then it hit me. This idea of storage lockers… Storage lockers have numbers printed on the outside and I imagined 17 printed on the front, and in the locker it held my songs almost as people who store away memorabilia from the past. I store my thoughts, feelings and emotions inside.

Popmania: Do you have a favorite song on the EP?
KM: “Cry Cry” has to my favorite off the EP because it’s probably the most personal and the most recent idea of mine. Dealing with the subject of moving on from this idea of a situation that is never going to happen because this something or someone doesn’t feel the same way.

Popmania: What was your inspiration behind the retro 80’s sound?
KM: I’m super inspired by grooves and feeling music and when we started creating the sounds all the inspiration from that era kind-of just came out and I loved it.

Popmania: Is there a fun fact about the EP that fans might be surprised to learn?
KM: The track “How Will I Know” is actually a cover from the great Whitney Houston. It’s the first song I sang when I started vocal lessons so it reminds me of where I started in the beginning and I love that feeling. Who doesn’t love a great Whitney Houston song?!

Popmania: Can fans expect a new music video anytime soon?
KM: I am hoping to self-direct something really special to a song off of Lot 17. I already have the visuals being created in my head.

Popmaniacs — check out Kerri’s brand new EP Lot 17 here!