Dec 03

5 Artists We Need Khalid To Collaborate With In 2018


There’s no denying that Khalid has been 2017’s breakout artist. The “Location” singer has completely taken over the radio airwaves and collaborated with some of music’s biggest stars like Lorde and Normani Hamilton. 2018 promises to hold major things for the Grammy nominee. We’re seriously hoping for more collaborations from Khalid next year. Here are the artists we’re dying for see Khalid collab with:

Fifth Harmony: Khalid has already worked with Normani Hamilton, but we’d love to hear a collab between him and all four ladies of 5H! Fifth Harmony is also known for their amazing collaborations, so a song between them and Khalid would be especially epic.

Harry Styles: We lost all remaining chill when Khalid and Harry shared this selfie together. Ever since this photo, we knew that our lives needed a collab between the “Sign Of The Times” singer and Khalid. Seriously, can you imagine two more talented guys in one studio?

BTS: BTS is another new music group on the rise. That’s why it’d be perfect if the two artists joined forces! They recently hung out at the 2017 AMA’s. We hope that they talked about a collaboration while they were hanging backstage.

Sam Smith: Khalid recently called Sam Smith “a huge inspiration and an amazing soul,” AKA we need them to make a song together immediately. Both singers are so soulful and incredibly emotional songwriters. That’s exactly why they’d be a match made in music heaven.

Shawn Mendes: If anyone can give Khalid advice on what it’s like to be a teen in the spotlight, it’s Shawn Mendes. These two became fast friends, so we’re hoping that Khalid makes a special appearance on Shawn’s next album.

Popmaniacs — what artist do YOU want to see Khalid collab with? Tell us in the comments below!