Jul 28

EXCLUSIVE: Kirstin Maldonado Tells ALL About Her New EP ‘Love’


Major news, Popmaniacs — singer Kirstin Maldonado stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for an exclusive interview and it was legit the best afternoon of our entire lives. Not only is Kirstin even more gorgeous IRL, she’s also one of the sweetest celebs we’ve ever hung out with! While Kirstin was in our office, she spilled everything from never-before-heard details about her debut EP Love to major Pentatonix bandmate secrets. Ready for the best part? We’re sharing everything with you!

While we first fell in love with Kirstin as a member of our fave acapella group Pentatonix, the babe has recently established herself as a solo force to be reckoned with. Ever since Kirstin released her debut Love EP, she’s been taking the music scene by storm as a solo artist!

Kirstin shared with us the most amazing moment so far since releasing her EP and her answer was too sweet. It had to do with the fans (yes, you guys!) and a special moment when they were singing along to her music during a release party. She went on to spill that she loves hearing what her songs mean to her listeners — how sweet is that?

Popmaniacs — are you obsessed with Kirstin’s Love EP? Tell us in the comments below!