Jan 16

Larsen Thompson Gets REAL About The Modeling World


We’re completely and totally obsessed with dancer/model Larsen Thompson. And luckily for us, we recently got to speak with the bombshell on the phone and she was seriously the sweetest girl ever. 2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for Larsen! Between her viral dance videos and magazine cover shoots, Larsen is taking this year by storm. Larsen dished major exclusive deets to us on everything from her latest cover shoot, to her ultimate modeling dream! We seriously couldn’t love this babe more.

Popmania: How long have you been modeling for?
Larsen: I’ve been modeling for about three years now. It’s really weird my story of how I really got started. I was working on a Target commercial because I was doing a lot in the commercial business and this woman came up to me and was like “Hey! We’re also doing a print campaign for Target,” and my mom was like “What’s print?” and they were like “Print is a form of modeling. It’s magazines, billboards, all of this,” and my mom is so confused. And then the guy is like “We’d love to use you for the campaign” so I did the campaign and it was weird because I’m usually used to moving and stuff when [in front of the camera] and they’re like “No, just stand there. Look like you’re having fun.” So I’m like “Oh, this is really easy.” And I got the hang of it and I was just like doing my thing and that’s how I really got into it. Then I signed with Zuri and then like eight months ago I just signed with Next Models and I’m super excited about it. It’s really cool to be working with an adult agency because I’m tiny, I’m like 5’5 but it’s hard because in order to walk the runways — which is what I really want to do — is basically you have to be 5’8 to 5’10, so I’m hoping I grow but I don’t know!

Popmania: What’s your favorite thing about being on a shoot?
Larsen: I love fashion. Like, just being able to be myself and pose for the camera is what I really love to do. Actually, I just did my new cover for Neo2 Magazine — it’s a fashion magazine out of Madrid — and it was basically like my first fashion cover and it was amazing. I got to wear all of this cool stuff, [things] I wouldn’t really wear on a regular basis. It was cool to wear it and be comfortable in it, and pose how I want to be when I want to be. I just love it so much. Now I’m trying to collaborate dance and modeling and fashion, so that’s what I’ve been really doing and will try to do. I kind of mix them all together.

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  • lawgone

    She’s gorgeous and I’d love to see her in more – whether it’s print or acting. As for runway, they’re starting to allow for shorter models because they’re finally realizing it’s about body proportion, not a fixed height. When you see a pic of Larsen you can’t tell what height she is but her proportions are such that everything looks good on her. That’s all that matters.