Feb 25

Lazy Sunday: Stay In Bed With Our Cody Simpson Playlist


There are no words for how much we love Cody Simpson. Seriously, his music speaks to our soul. That’s why this Sunday we’re lounging around all day and listening to his best songs ever. Check them out!

1. “Wish U Were Here” – Acoustic — Obvi the original version of “Wish U Were Here” is fabulous, but the acoustic version just gets us in the immediate feels. “Yeah, I wish you were here, music is better, and lights are brighter when you are near.” It’s sweet, tender, and it warms our hearts. Cody’s voice is legit the voice of an angel.

2. “Home To Mama,” with Justin Bieber — We could listen to this song on repeat all day, Popmaniacs. It makes it even better that the Biebs sings on this track as well. We wish these singers would collab more often to create more songs as amazing as this one.

3. “Imma Be Cool” featuring Asher Roth — The message to this song is awesome. “So I deal with negativity all day, but I ain’t gon’ let it rub me the wrong way, to each his own, and I walk away with a smile.” Don’t let the laters get you down, Popmaniacs! Life is way too short to listen to the opinions of people who don’t matter.

4. “Driftwood” — This jam is absolutely perfect for our playlist. It’s got a chill, beachy vibe. It’s the exact song you’d want to listen to if you were laying out in the sun, relaxing at home, or hanging with a friend. Killing it once again, Cody.

5. “I’m Your Friend” — One word: obsessed. If this song doesn’t relax you, we don’t know what will. We especially love how sweet and caring the lyrics are. “And you’re lost and you can’t find your way out of the trees, I will see the signal you set into the breeze. You know me well, I will rescue thee.” Everybody needs a caring friend that will help them out during the hard times.