Nov 22

What Liam Payne Was Struggling With During His 1D Days Is Heartbreaking


The members of One Direction always looked like they were having such a great time that it made it easy to forget they were just regular teenagers like the rest of us. Little did we all know that they were struggling with the same things as us, on top of having to tour the world playing shows. The guys had the same problems as we did, including going through breakups. Only unlike us, instead of having to sit through class, they had to play sold out stadiums. Liam recently opened up about the hardships during his 1D days, and one particular time he couldn’t go through with his performance. Here’s what he opened up.

In an interview with The Sun, Liam spoke openly for the first time about in 2015 when he wasn’t able to perform a scheduled show in Belfast, Ireland. It was announced that Liam had gotten sick and wasn’t able to perform, but really the singer was battling deep depression after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith. “I let it get to me that day. I wasn’t in a good place. And unfortunately I was going through a rough time and I let it get to me a little bit too much. That was it,” he said about the performance. This is heartbreaking — being a teenager is difficult enough, but the pressures of superstardom must make it impossible.

Liam talked about the difficulty of keeping up with their success at such a young age. “The more we did, I just don’t think we stopped and celebrated enough how great things were and I think that’s what got on top of us in the end,” he said. We’re just thankful that Liam has more ownership over his solo career and is able to take things at his own pace now.

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