Oct 27

7 BTS Secrets From Our Interview With Liddy Clark!


Popmaniacs — we were so lucky to have this mega babe stop by our office in sunny Santa Monica. If you can guess who it is — you get MAJOR Popmania points. OK we’ll give you a few hints. She has beautiful red hair, MAJOR amaze vocals and the prettiest smile ever. That’s right Popmaniacs — we got the amazing honor of hanging out with THE Liddy Clark! She was a super sweetie and we enjoyed getting to know ALL about this gal.

Liddy walked in wearing the CUTEST outfit ever. Seriously — total style goals. She was also the nicest girl on this planet — her smile was contagious all around the office. She gave us like the best live performance of all time when she performed two of her songs, “Falling Into You” and “Painted by Numbers.” We loved laughing along with this girl and never wanted to have to say goodbye.

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes secrets about this talented cutie:

1) She is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. We asked her to pick a favorite Taylor Swift song and could NOT decide — so basically, she is just like us!

2) She loves throwback music. “Potential Break Up Song” by Aly & A.J. is her ultimate go-to. #SAME.

3) Her first song she ever learned on the guitar was “Impossible” by Shontelle. Seriously SUUUCH a good one!

4) She is ah-mazing at making emoji faces. She totally crushed our “Popmania Emoji Challenge!” Her fave emoji to use is the laughing crying face.

5) Her favorite song ever is “Vienna” by Billy Joel.

6) Liddy has been her nickname ever since she was a little girl, but actually her real name is Elizabeth!

7) She is super good at making friendship bracelets. We need one of those bracelets ASAP, Liddy!

So it’s decided. Liddy Clark is actually the COOLEST girl ever. Let us know what you’re most excited to see from Liddy’s interview in the comments below!