Oct 11

Surprise! Louis Tomlinson Is Dropping A New Song — Deets Here


We love whenever one of our favorite artists releases a new song for us to blast on repeat. But the only thing that makes us fangirl harder is when they surprise us with a new release! It’s like Christmas but even better. That’s exactly what 1D babe Louis Tomlinson did. We woke up to news that he’s releasing a brand new song from his debut album and it’s coming SO soon. Here’s what to know about Louis Tomlinson’s brand new song.

The new release won’t technically be Louis’s next single, but he will be releasing it for fans to give them a taste of the album. The song is called “Just Like You,” and it comes out at midnight October 12! “So I wrote a song called Just Like You a few months ago. After a few conversations with the label I told them that I wanted to release it,” Louis told fans on Twitter. “My next single will be a bit later this year but I wanted to share this with you now. This is for you lot ! #JustLikeYou,” he followed up.

The song is super important to Louis! “This is one of my favourites from the album. Conceptually I think it’s sums me up,” he dished. Wow, “Just Like you” will be a huge indication of what’s to come from the rest of his album. We can’t wait. If it’s one of Louis’ favorites, we’re sure it’ll be one of ours as well.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit for Louis’s next radio single. The track won’t be out until later this year but knowing Louis, he might surprise us with more new songs before then. We sure hope so!

Popmaniacs — are you excited to listen to Louis Tomlinson’s new single “Just Like You” when it comes out?! Tell us in the comments below!