Feb 14

Love Is In The Air: Listen To Our Single Ladies Valentine’s Day Playlist!


Having a date on Valentine’s Day is totally overrated. Honestly, not having a date on V-Day means not having to share your pizza and chocolate. Who needs a bae when you have your besties? That’s why we put together this ultimate single ladies anthem for everyone going solo on this holiday.

1) “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” Taylor Swift. Yep, this is the best breakup song like….ever. It’s the best to rock out to when you KNOW it’s time to stop wasting your time thinking about the guy who just won’t work out.

2) “Irreplaceable,” Beyoncé. Must we say more? This song is the ANTHEM. No boy will ever be irreplaceable. This diva reminds us that when boy leaves, there will always be another one waiting to take his place.

3) “Someone Like You,” Adele. Sometimes you really do just need a good, long cry — and this is the song to do that to. Adele gets all of our feelings out into one song and we can’t thank her enough for knowing just what to say.

4) “Hair,” Little Mix. Seriously what is more refreshing after a breakup than a new, fresh haircut? Little Mix totally knows what we’re talking about. The song is perfect for when you are just SO over it.

5) “Love Myself,” Hailee Steinfeld. Finally, after all the crying and rage that comes with a heartbreak, you will always have one thing — yourself. And that’s truly all you need. Hailee Steinfeld puts this feeling into the PERFECT song. The track is all about loving yourself and not needing anybody else.