Sep 14

EXCLUSIVE: Luke Cosgrove Shares ‘The Mist’ BTS Secrets + More!


Major news, Popmaniacs — actor Luke Cosgrove stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for an exclusive interview all about his show The Mist and it was everything! The heartthrob hung out with us to spill on everything from cast secrets to what it’s like acting in a thriller. Not only is Luke ultra talented, he’s also the sweetest guy ever IRL, we could have hung out with him all day. And the best part of all? We’re sharing everything with you! Here’s what Luke told us:

Luke plays Jay Heisel on The Mist — Jay’s the quarterback of the football team and the sheriff’s son who gets caught up in a major scandal and has to prove his innocence to the town throughout the show. To prepare for the role, Luke had to go through football training.

The Australian actor may star in a horror series, but in real life he’s totally afraid of scary movies! He did clue us in on the secret behind how the show makes its mist look so ominous. Luke told us that there is a mist machine on set, but that only accounts for about 50-60% of the mist — the rest is added in during post-production. We had no idea!

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