Jul 16

Happy Birthday Luke Hemmings! Here’s Why We Love You


It’s July 16, which means it’s time to celebrate Luke Hemmings’s birthday! The 5 Seconds of Summer babe turns 21 today. We’re so proud of how far this Australian hunk has come. Let’s celebrate Luke’s birthday by taking a look at a few of the reasons why we love him.

1. He’s not afraid to be goofy — Luke makes it clear that he doesn’t take life too seriously. Remember when he posted a pic of himself in a Pokemon costume with slippers? We do, and we won’t forget it.

2. He’s totally adorable — Have you seen his smile? Luke’s smile can make us melt, Popmaniacs. And those blue eyes? Swoon. Luke’s a major heartthrob and we have no shame in admitting it. But we can’t forget about his musical skills. He’s majorly talented, which leads us to our text point.

3. He’s beyond talented — Luke’s skills as a performer, singer, and guitarist are phenomenal. We still jam out to “She Looks So Perfect” whenever we can. Watching videos of Luke and the rest of 5SOS perform is so much fun, we could do it for hours. They kill it.

4. He loves traveling — Luke’s Instagram account is full of pictures of him traveling. From posting pics on top of mountains to pictures of him and his pals at Coachella, Luke is living life to the fullest.

5. He loves hanging out with all of his bandmates — One of our absolute favorite Instagram pictures by Luke is of him and his fellow bandmate, Calum Hood, goofing around and making funny faces. Another one of our favorites is when Luke posted a pic of Calum, Ashton Irwin, and his dog between them. And we couldn’t forget when Luke posted a pic with Michael Clifford, saying “Merry Christmas from me and my dad.” It’s so cute seeing the bandmates hang out and chill together.

6. He’s obsessed with his dog — We’re all a big obsessed with our pets. Luke frequently posts pictures with his pup, Petunia. Her name is so cute we could cry, Popmaniacs. Nothing is better than a relationship between a boy and his dog, right? Dogs are man’s best friend.

How are you going to celebrate Luke Hemmings’s birthday, Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments!