Mar 02

WATCH: MacKenzie Bourg Performs ‘Little Moon’ Live In Our Office


Major news, Popmaniacs — singer/songwriter MacKenzie Bourg stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for an afternoon of live music and upcoming album spoilers! It was basically the best afternoon ever. Not only is MacKenzie even sweeter in real life, he’s also one of the coolest people we’ve ever gotten to hang out with. While the American Idol alum was in our office, he did everything from share his favorite Idol memories, to play us his new single “Little Moon” live! Ready for the best part? We’re sharing it all with you.

MacKenzie is one of those rare artists that sound even better in real life than they do in recordings. You guys — wanna hear a fun fact about this performance? MacKenzie did it in one take. That’s right. This flawless “Little Moon” performance was done once. Mac is legit one of the most talented artists in music.

How sweet is this song? “Little Moon” is the romantic ballad that we needed for Spring 2017. Everything from its adorable lyrics to addictive melody is absolutely perfect. #Swoon.

Popmaniacs — are you as obsessed with MacKenzie Bourg’s “Little Moon” performance as we are? Tell us in the comments below!