May 19

MAN TEARS: Shop The Mug Now


If a boy makes you cry, save your tears. They won’t make for a good drink. Instead, make him cry to fill our man tears coffee mug for a truly refreshing beverage!

Our mug says “Man Tears” in a bold white graphic, perf for warning all those cuties to not mess with your heart. Our mug is unapologetic just like you, Popmaniac. The mug is not just outspoken in words. It’s loud in color! The black ceramic will eerily glisten along with all the teardrops of your male enemies.

Jac Vanek’s coffee mug will either make you the funniest chic in school or the scariest. We love how this mug keeps us on our toes, as it will do with everyone else! TBH, though, we think the Jac Vanek’s designer name on the mug will save you from scaring off too many fellas.

Make Jac Vanek’s coffee mug yours now here. For only $16 you can show off your dark sense of humor and enjoy a dark cup of coffee at the same time. Also check out this sweeter mug or this badass coffee mug, both from Jac Vanek. Use your coffee mugs as outlets for your personality. Branch out from that old coffee mug you always drink from — you know, the one with the vacation picture of you and your parents at the Grand Canyon.

Popmaniacs — what did YOU think when you saw “Man Tears” on our mug!? Let us know in the comments below!