Sep 29

Meredith O’Connor Spills On Her Collab With Garrett Clayton


Popmaniacs — we recently got to chat with singing sensation Meredith O’Connor and she was the sweetest! The “Celebrity” singer spilled all things music, from the deets behind her viral song, to her upcoming collab with Teen Beach Movie heartthrob Garrett Clayton! We had SO much fun talking to Meredith, so obvi we’re dying to tell you all about it!

So if you’re obsessed with Meredith like we are, we have good news for you — she’s releasing a full album later this month! And like we mentioned, it features a collab with mega babe Garrett Clayton! “We [recorded] the song already and he’s a lot of fun to work with. He’s really nice and we’re very similar — he comes from a theater background so it’s nice to work with people that also really have that passion for music,” Meredith revealed to us! “It’s just a lot of fun when you’re working with people like that!” We can imagine! Can you imagine hanging out in the studio with Meredith and Garrett?! #GOALS.

As if we weren’t freaking out enough, there’s going to be a music video! “I’m doing the music video with him and that’s going to be about empowering people when a bad thing happens, and just taking it inside and knowing that nothing is stronger than love at the end of the day,” Meredith dished to us! We cannot wait to see this video — it sounds so good!

Meredith is such an empowering role model which is one of the main reasons why we love her. Anyone who’s familiar with Meredith’s music knows that she uses her experience with bullying to speak out against it while using her musical talent. It’s so inspiring how she uses her music to spread her message and let her listeners know that they’re not alone! We couldn’t love this singer more.

Popmaniacs, are YOU excited for Meredith’s album and collab with Garrett?! Let us know in the comments!


  • Jackie Levitowski

    My kids will flip when they see this. They love Meredith O’Connor.