Jan 07

Miley Cyrus’ Best Outfits From This Season Of The Voice


This was one of Miley Cyrus best years! She was able to finally release brand new music, perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a week and even star as a coach on The Voice. On this season of The Voice, Miley sported some of the most amazing outfits we have ever seen. We loved seeing her express herself through fashion and beauty every single week. Here are Miley Cyrus’ best outfits from this season of The Voice:

Pink Paradise: Miley went full Rhianna when she wore this beautiful pink dress. The layered dress looked beautiful on the babe as she was ready to see her team perform on the live show! She even matched the ensemble with pink bedazzled hoops and bracelets.

Hollywood Glamour: 50s Hollywood glamour is timeless and looked incredible on the “Malibu” singer. The ankle length gown featured incredible jewels on the entire surface of the garment. We love the open slit on her leg that created the perfect bit of drama!

Shania Twain Inspired: This girl went full Shania Twain with a performance and outfit we will never forget! Miley and her team dressed in Shania’s iconic leopard print while performing the country singer’s song, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” This look was just another example of how easily Miley can pull off anything she wears.

Touch Of Silver: One of Miley’s most elegant outfits from the show was this incredible dress. The black gown had the perfect silver bow that tied into the sleeves of the dress. Miley even matched her strappy shoes and amazing jewelry to create the most fabulous cohesive look.

Bringing Back Country: Miley loves to remind us of her country roots whether it’s from the song she sings or the outfits she wears. Her all black rodeo outfit featured bedazzled fringe that made it oh-so glamorous! She even added the perfect black and silver star earrings to bring the look full circle.

Which of Miley Cyrus’ Outfits from The Voice would you love to wear? Let us know in the comments below!