Mar 05

Monday Mantra: Get Your Yoga On With These Yogi Celebs


Mondays can be… stressful. We know. But a great way to deal with your stress is with some yoga! That’s why we’re looking for inspo from these yoga loving celebrities.

Karlie Kloss: Having a good yoga session in a studio is fun, but doing it Karlie’s way is so much better. Karlie went to the beach to get in a good session of mindfulness and strength training. We love that she finds a way to incorporate nature and her favorite workout.

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus has been a long time lover of yoga. For years, the pop star has shared her work and flexibility on the mat on social media. She is pretty much a pro at this point because she can do moves we would only ever dream of doing.

Sarah Hyland: Although this isn’t traditional on-the-mat yoga, Sarah has found a way to incorporate the amazing art in a new way. The Modern Family actress took an aerial yoga class that features two long fabrics that hang from the ceiling. By hanging in the fabric off the floor, she is gaining major leg and ab strength!

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga is one of our favorite yogi celebrities! Mama Monster showed off her strength and fabulous outfits during her yoga sessions all over social media. She looks absolutely fabulous while totally killing it.

Lea Michele: Lea is totally obsessed with yoga and loves trying it in different ways. The babe took the challenge of paddle board yoga and totally slayed. She must be super strong because doing yoga is hard enough, let alone while on a surfboard!