Feb 12

Monday Vibes: Bella Thorne + More Celebs Who Just Get It


Another Monday is here, Popmaniacs! Time to take on the new week in style. We understand that Monday can sometimes bring out the worst in us — and these celebs totally get it. These A-listers are summing up our #MondayVibes:

Maia Mitchell always manages to keep it real and explain exactly how we’re feeling. After a weekend of wearing makeup and eating junk food, we’re applying major zit cream to our skin just like Maia. For ever glam shot that Maia gives us, she also shows us the behind-the-scenes looks at her skincare routine and other things like that!

Zendaya is the queen of expressing our exact mood. In this shot of Zendaya serving her famous face, we couldn’t feel more understood. This is exactly the face we want to make whenever Monday rolls around.

Kira Kosarin always knows exactly how we’re feeling. Especially when it comes to food. She posted this photo of her with a chocolate ice cream pop and we finally can pin point exactly what we need to turn our day around. Mondays would be nothing without snacking.

Bella Thorne is hands down the most down to earth girl in Hollywood. She never hides how she’s feeling especially on Monday’s. Our favorite ever Bella Thorne moment is when she posted this hilarious candid shot of her face looking beyond displeased. From her messy bun to her scowl, everything about this screams “Monday.”