Feb 26

Music Monday: Watch Out For These Up And Coming Artists


It’s Monday, Popmaniacs! That means it’s time to rock out to some music. Start your week of right with the most fresh beats from music’s freshest faces.

Khalid: This babe had the most amazing year with his music conquering the radio waves. After debuting his first album, American Teen, Khalid gained a huge following. The adored artist began performing at huge shows like the American Music Awards alongside Imagine Dragons. After such an incredible run, he was ultimately nominated for a ton of Grammy’s which we know he will surely win!

Bea Miller: Only so many artists can create an amazing storyline through three EPs in one year. Bea did just that with her triple EPs; Blue, Red and Yellow! This talented babe wrote about the stages of a break up while also creating amazing visual music videos along the way. The “Graveyard” singer stole hearts and shocked others with her creative songwriting and unique vocals.

Madison Beer: Rising star Madison Beer has kept her fans on the edge of their seats this year. After two years without releasing music, fans were happy to see Madison back in the studio and ready to give them some fire music. Her release of “Dead” and “Say It To My Face“ caught the attention of music lovers who can’t wait to see what she has in store for them next!

Alessia Cara: Alessia is one of our fave music geniuses that conquered music in 2017. Her incredible sound, collabs and lyrics caught the attention of a variety of listeners around the world. Since her debut single, “Here” was released in 2015, she’s only gotten better and more confident in her sound. This confidence gave her four Grammy nominations this year. This is just the beginning for what we know will be a long career for this girl!