Jul 17

5 Reasons Why Naomi Scott Is Your Next Girl Crush


Major news, Popmaniacs! Disney just announced that Naomi Scott is going to be playing Jasmine in the live-action Aladdin remake. She’ll also be starring alongside Will Smith, who will be playing the Genie. Naomi is marvelous in so many ways and we’re so glad that she’s got the part as Jasmine. Here’s why Naomi Scott is your next girl crush. 

1. She’s an incredible singer — Naomi has been singing basically her whole life. She was actually discovered singing gospel music in church by the British singer Kelle Bryan. Naomi came out with her first EP, Invisible Division, back in 2014. Now she has her second EP out called Promises, which was released in 2016. We’re thinking that Naomi’s beautiful voice will be singing her own rendition of “A Whole New World.” What do you think, Popmaniacs? We can’t wait.

2. Her style is flawless — One scroll through Naomi’s Instagram page will tell anyone that her style is impeccable. She can literally pull off anything that she wears. A crop top, pencil skirt, and heels? Check. A little black dress? Obvi. Long pants and a black blazer? She’s killing it. Teach us your ways, Naomi!

3. She can wear her hair in any style — How is it that Naomi Scott can wear her hair in literally any style and still look fabulous? It blows our minds, Popmaniacs. She’s rocked long and straight, french braids, short and chopped, and even slicked back. Whatever the style, Naomi remains immaculate and beautiful.

4. She is an amazing actress — We’ve seen Naomi shine in some of her other acting projects, like the role of the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers and Maddie Shannon in Tera Nova. After seeing her act before, we know that Naomi will dedicate as much time and effort to Jasmine as she has in her previous performances.

5. She and her husband are absolutely adorable — Everybody loves a cute couple, and Naomi and her husband Jordan Spence are no exception. Naomi is constantly posting cute pics of herself and her hubby together. When she posted for his birthday, we died. “Happy Birthday,” she said. “My BFF. You’re also really hot, really clever and smell nice….basically all the things I look for in a husband.” *Swoon*!

What makes Naomi Scott your girl crush, Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments!