Mar 29

EXCLUSIVE: Natasha Bure Gets Real About Her Brand New Book


Major news, Popmaniacs — author Natasha Bure stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for an on-camera interview and it was legit the best afternoon ever! The 18-year-old came to our office to dish all about her amazing new book Let’s Be Real and oh-so-much more. Ready for the best part? We’re sharing everything with you. Check out what Natasha dished exclusively to us about her brand new book here!

Natasha just released her conversational new book Let’s Be Real and it’s basically a cheat sheet to navigating teen life. Tash shares the most valuable insights in her book — from personal stories to self reflections, this book has it all. “It was definitely something topic-wise that was very close to my heart,” the author dished to us, “It’s about being real and being the best version of yourself that you can be.”

What inspired Natasha decided to write this book were the comments she’d receive on her social media accounts. Her followers would comment about how they wish they had Natasha’s life, but of course things like Instagram and Snapchat are curated versions of life moments and not necessarily what everyday life is like. So Tash opened up to her fans with her new book to show them the unfiltered real version of her world, including the good, the bad and the vulnerable moments!

Popmaniacs — be sure to check out Natasha Bure’s Let’s Be Real out now!