Mar 12

Watch: Nathan Sykes’ Soulful New Music Video


Nathan Sykes is a talented singer with one of the most powerful voices we’ve ever heard! Nathan was the lead singer of an awesome boy band called The Wanted. Although we were so, so sad that the band broke up last year, we are SO stoked that 21-year-old started a solo project. And, as we expected, Nathan sounds REAL good as a solo artist!

The English singer just released his new single “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” just last week — and it’s actually beyond amazing. Between Nathan’s soulful vocals and the super-catchy beat, he created the ULTIMATE jazzy jam.

And, just today, Nathan released a video for “More Than You’ll Ever Know” that’s just as amazing as the song! Listen and watch the amazingness of Nathan’s newest single above.

Starting off as a musician while being a teenager is REALLY hard, but Nathan channeled the best of his experiences to get him to where he is now!

“Having the opportunity to start in the music industry at the age of 16 is quite rare and I was pretty much thrown into the deep end on both levels if I’m honest. When I first started in the band I was also taking my A-levels, was doing coursework in any spare time and the majority of the band were five years older than me so I had to mature a lot quicker than I would have if I had been going to college everyday. On a music front, I wasn’t the most confident song writer but grew quite a lot throughout my time in The Wanted and ended up writing two singles which I think has given me the confidence to write the majority of the album and be strong with my ideas and vision for the record,” Nathan told Hunger TV.

Even though it was rough for Nathan to grow up in the spotlight, we think he (and his angelic voice) have grown up beautifully in the music industry!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Nathan’s first solo album — he’s releasing it sometime this year!

Alright, Popmaniacs — what do YOU think about Nathan’s new song and video for “More Than You Even Know?” Let us know in the comments below!