Jul 30

Nesta Tell Us All Her Faves And Dishes About Her Pups!


Girl crush alert!!! Not only is Nesta a kick ass electronic dance music artist — She also has a soft spot for animals!! On her days off from cranking out the tunes — Nesta is all about making the world a better environment for animals!

She even has her own non-profit organization to help the cause called  “Let Love Rule Animal Rescue.” Could she be anymore amazing!? We would love to get involved with that!

Besides her super kind heart — Nesta even has great music taste. She LOVES Lana Del Rey and Lorde! (Who doesn’t!?) We were super happy that Nesta called into Popmania and shared cute facts about herself to let us get to know her better!

Here’s what she shared!

Popmania: Do you think we’ll ever see your dogs make a cameo in one of your music videos?

Nesta: Yes! Actually Penelope — my littlest dog, she’s eleven. She is in my very first music video that’s called Stay and it’s from the last album Levitate and she’s definitely in it. I am sure you will see them, I have a new dog Baby, who’s a rescue. I am sure you will see them in videos to come — they’re my little co-pilots!

Popmania: We saw that you’re super passionate about animal rescue — does that ever inspire your music?

Nesta: I think that my love of animals just inspires me overall. I don’t know that I ever like specifically written a song or created a piece of music specifically around that. It’s just something that’s really deep inside of me to try to help create a better climate for animals in the world — on all levels. I think that maybe not necessarily the rescuing of animals has specifically inspired a song but it inspires my truth and who I am as a person to love deeper and to try harder, to keep participating, to create a better world.

Popmania: If you could collaborate with any other young musician, who would it be?!

Nesta: It would have to be Lana Del Rey. I saw her at Coachella and I was blown away by her. Her and Lorde — they just blew me away and obviously there’s tons of talented musicians out there but those two really inspired me and they’re so powerful. Such powerful little beams and I felt like when I was watching them on stage, it was their right of passage to be there — it was their destiny. Lana Del Rey and Lorde would be my go to picks for sure.

We also had a rapid fire question session with Nesta and found out some fun facts about her!

Popmania: Fave edm dj right now?

Nesta: I love Showtek!

Popmania: Fave place to surf?

Nesta: I guess that would have to be Costa Rica.

Popmania: Fave song to listen to before you go on stage?

Nesta: It would probably be one of my own tracks to get into the zone!

Popmania: Fave song to listen to before bed?

Nesta: I love listening to really tranquil meditation music. I don’t know the name of the artist but I actually have some of this copyright, free meditation music that I purchased. It’s amazing — it has binaural beats and it makes you sleepy and relaxed.

Popmania: Fave song to have a dance party to?

Nesta: Probably something by Empire of the Sun!

Popmania: Fave Disney movie?

Nesta: The Little Mermaid of course because I’m an ocean lover!

Wow! We feel like total besties with Nesta after she called in to chat with us! Thanks so much for your time Nesta — we had a blast getting to know you!

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