Jul 16

Nesta Dishes On Her Music And How Surfing Inspires Her!


If you don’t already know her (we bet you do) — let us introduce Nesta! She is a quadruple threat! Yes — we said quadruple. She’s a singer, songwriter, surfer and animal lover — there is just no better combo than that, right!?

This girl even has her own record label — WOWZA! We are very, very impressed!

She’s an extremely talented artist in the electronic dance music genre but of course — she is a lover of all kinds of music. Her newest album, Surrender drops this summer and we can’t wait to hear it! Luckily for us — she called into Popmania to chat about her new album and her musical inspirations!

Here’s what she told us!

Popmania: You’re releasing your album Surrender this summer! Can you tell us about it?

Nesta: This is a real journey of experimentation — all though it has strong roots to electronic dance music, it’s a little rock and roll and there’s some blues undertones. It’s a real wide exploration of my love of music. Obviously, electronic dance music is super important to me and I love it as a genre but I wanted to expand it out into different areas as well. So — the thing for me with this album is that it really takes you on a journey. It starts in one place and it takes your mood and it takes the listener into different places and different genres of music as it travels throughout the album. I wanted it to be a complete album where as right now people are releasing singles and EPs. I think there’s something really important about creating a full body of work that is an experience for the listener. For me, creating an entire album of twelve songs was important. I wanted the listener to feel like we spent time together, that we went on a trip together. That’s the biggest thing for me — that the album represents a journey for myself and for the listener and it’s like a chance for us to hang out for an hour together.

Popmania: When you listen to yourself on an EDM track, is it weird hearing your vocals remixed?

Nesta: No, I love it! It’s so cool because every producer has his or her own style that they remix things and I think it’s super fun to hear different interpretations of what people do to your songs — I think it’s so fun!

Popmania: Do you ever get song ideas when you’re surfing?

Nesta: Oh, totally! I lived in Hawaii for a couple of years and it was hilarious because I had to shut myself up. I just want to sing the whole time out there and sometimes the surfing thing is very serious and they act like it’s a very serious sport and everybody has to be quiet — it’s very intense. I just want to sing and I have to be like ‘be quiet, not everyone wants to hear that right now.’  I love, love to sing when I’m paddling out or humming and thinking of certain lyrics or whatever. It’s totally a good place for me to vibe out and get inspiration.

Popmania: Do you have a favorite outfit you’ve ever performed in?

Nesta: This amazing lady from Sea Dragons Studio, she actually just reached out to me like a month ago and offered to make a custom outfit for me. Actually, on the Fourth of July she made this amazing body pants suit in this great sparkly white, almost dragon skin material and it fit like a glove — it was so fun to wear. It was super sexy, easy to dance in and super comfortable too so, it definitely left a mark as my favorite for sure.

See guys!? We TOLD you she was freakin’ awesome!!! Huge thanks to Nesta for calling in and giving us some deets about your music! We are looking forward to hearing the album!

Are you guys excited to hear Surrender!? Let us know in the comments!