Jul 23

Singer Nesta Spills All Her Amazing Style Advice!


Nesta is one of our favorite electronic dance music artists!

She is super adorable, bubbly and extremely funky as well!

She is a successful singer-songwriter who wants to make the world a better place.

When she’s taking a break from making musical masterpieces — Nesta see’s herself as a professional shopper.

She is a pro at thrift shopping and has an eye for crazy colors and patterns!

You can always find her being silly and clowning around in and out of the studio.

Her musical goal is to take listeners on a journey and have her fans feel like they know her and got to spend time with her! How cute is that?

She called into Popmania to talk all things style and fashion!

Here’s what she told us!

Popmania: What color are you thinking about dying your hair next!?

Nesta: Well it’s been purple for almost a year and the funny story is that, I just went to retouch it and I bought the wrong hair color. I bought like a cobalt blue so — it’s blue now! It’s accidently blue but I’ll probably bounce back and forth between blue and purple for a while, those are my favorites.


Nesta Tunes

Courtesy of Instagram, Nesta

 Popmania: You have an amazing style! Who do you look to for style advice?

 Nesta: I like to call myself clown couture —it’s a joke in my family. My grandma was actually a clown growing up, so when we were kids we would go to gigs with her. I love getting dressed up as a little clown, it’s my favorite thing. I think i carried that style forward and I love color, I love crazy designs. I really love putting crazy pieces together —I am an out of the box dresser. My hair color, everything is sort of has a playful clownish tone to it!


Nesta Tunes

Courtesy of Instagram, Nesta

 Popmania: Do you go flea market shopping or thrift shopping?

 Nesta: Yes, definitely! I love to go to San Francisco. There’s amazing thrift shops there — it’s almost not fair they’re so good! I definitely love picking up pieces like that and I also love picking up random pieces when I’m traveling. Different fabrics and things from like Guatemala or Thailand or things that you wouldn’t find in the U.S. I love those kinds of things as well.


Nesta Tunes

Courtesy of Instagram, Nesta

Popmania: How do you find the best stuff?

Nesta: I have those eyes that glaze over the whole place and something will pop out to me and I’ll be like ‘what is that color! What is that pattern!?’ I consider myself a pretty professional shopper. I love shopping — I love clothes and fashion and all that good stuff. I am totally girly girl all the way when it comes to that stuff and I’ve got pretty good at just seeing a color, or a pattern or shape or style that something that pops out at me. I am good at saying like ‘that will work’ and being able to think about what I am parallel with. I do a little of both, I look for color, I look for pattern, I look for style and I look for something that moves me.

Thanks for calling in Nesta!! Do you think you could take us shopping sometime!?

What do you guys think of her awesome style!? Let us know in the comments!