Feb 05

Nick Jonas Tells ALL About His Bestie Demi Lovato


We can’t get enough of Nick Jonas. Whether his music is making us jealous, or he’s scaring us silly on Scream Queens, we’re obsessed. And one of our favorite things about NJ? His friendship with our fave babe Demi Lovato! These two have been besties forever, and their friendship has only grown stronger over the years. Nick recently opened up about his friendship with Demi Lovato to Complex and what he dished is giving us life.

Nick has been there for Demi through thick and thin. “I love Demi to death,” Nick told the magazine. “She has gone through her journey, which was complicated. I think she’s one of the most talented, passionate people I know. I’m grateful to have her as a friend and also as a business partner.” Can you imagine being able to hang out with Demi and Nick?! They’re seriously our fave besties in Hollywood.

Even Demi opened up about what she loves most about Nick! “He’s so driven and it inspires me to work harder as an artist. To every last detail, Nick will work and work on a song or idea until it’s perfect. So not only I am thankful to have him basically as my twin brother but also to have him involved in my career and as a brilliant business partner as well.” Demi even revealed to the magazine! Um, is anyone else obsessed with the fact that Demi just referred to Nick as basically her twin?!

As if we weren’t excited enough for the Future Now tour, this interview is giving us all sorts of feels. We can’t imagine anything better than being able to tour the world with your best friend while doing what you love — we’re so excited that Demi and Nick have this opportunity!

Popmaniacs — do Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato remind you of you and your bestie?! Tell us in the comments!