Sep 12

Olivia Holt’s New Single — Revealed! Here’s What To Know


Stop what you’re doing and commence freak out! Singer/actress/all-around-girl-crush Olivia Holt just announced her brand new single. #FINALLY. We’re had “History” on repeat (seriously, we’re pretty sure we count for 1 million of the songs 120 million Spotify streams) since it came out so we’re beyond excited that there’s new music from the babe. From the title to the release date, here’s everything we know about Olivia’s next single.

Olivia’s new song will be called “Generous” and it’s been described as “infectious and playful.” SO. MUCH. YAS. We can’t wait to listen to “Generous” to find out whether it will be a love song or an empowering anthem. There are so many possibilities for what the song sound like but one thing is certain — it’s going to be amazing.

The best news of all? We won’t have to wait too long for “Generous” to be out. The song will be released on Friday, September 22. We’re legit counting down the hours until the song’s release date! Seriously guys — it’ll be here before we know it.

And that’s not all, Popmaniacs. We’re gonna need a major *drum roll* for this piece of information… there will be a “Generous” music video! The video was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana. Set in the historic Le Pavilion Hotel, where Olivia runs around the hotel as a maid. Sounds like she was maid for this role! The “Generous” video will premiere September 22 on Freeform — the same day that the single comes out!

We have our fingers crossed that “Generous” will only be the first music release of many for Olivia. Hopefully this is the lead single off of an upcoming album! It’s been over a year since the babe released her Olivia EP so hopefully that means she has way more new music in store for us.

Popmaniacs — are you excited to hear Olivia Holt’s new song “Generous”?! Tell us in the comments below!