May 05

LISTEN: Find Out Where Olivia Holt Goes To ‘Hideaway’


It feels like forever since we’ve been waiting for new music from Olivia Holt and now it’s finally here! The blonde bombshell blessed our ears with what we can honestly describe as the most amazing cover we’ve ever heard. Olivia uploaded a cover to her YouTube of her belting out Daya’s radio hit “Hideaway.” You know what’s hiding away? Our chill. We’ve literally lost it because of how insanely amazing Olivia’s cover is. Thankfully, Olivia released the cover just in time for us to blast all. weekend. long. Check it out, Popmaniacs.

Ever since the cover came out we’ve been playing it on LOOP. “Hope you guys enjoy my cover of @theofficialdaya’s Hide Away. Love this song!” Olivia tweeted out. Enjoy it?? We’re infatuated with it. Olivia is one of the most talented singers in Young Hollywood. We’re so excited for the 18-year-old to release original music under Hollywood Records! It’s legit going to be amazing. Olivia is seriously going to be the next big thing in music.

There are a million and a half things we love about this video. One of them being Olivia’s outfit — or should we say wowfit! Her off-the-shoulder floral top is so on trend right now. We can totally imagine Olivs hitting up a festival in this look. We’re dying to copy this outfit.

How insanely unreal would it be if Olivia and Daya collaborated?! Our brains can’t even fathom the amazingness that it would sound like. It’d be so awesome if Daya released a “Hideaway” remix featuring Olivia. Or if the two babes released a never before heard song together! Can you say #CollabGoals?!

Popmaniacs — what do YOU think about Olivia Holt’s “Hideaway” cover? What song to you want Olivia to cover next?! Tell us in the comments below.