Aug 04

1D Reveal Who Inspired Their Next Album!


The world is getting BEYOND excited for the One Direction’s fifth album that is in the works (or actually, already finished!!!). And their first single off the album that they dropped secretly,”Drag Me Down,”? OMG – don’t even get us started!! This teaser promises that this album with be the best thing our ears have ever experienced. After all, it did smash some serious records  the first day it was released.

Anyways, 1D made an appearance on Good Morning America to perform some songs and spilled all about who gave them inspiration for the upcoming album’s sound!  “I suppose it’s quite eclectic,” Liam dishes. “There’s a couple nice, slow, sort-of usual One Direction songs, but we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from older artists.” Maybe more of an old-school sound on the new album? We could be totally into that!!

Which older English-rock band inspired their new single? “There’s like a Police-y feel on ‘Drag Me Down,'” Liam reveals. The Police were a 70’s rock band that made some AMAZE music, so we know 1D is following in their footsteps!

We love that the guys looked to older bands to inspire their new stuff and CAN’T WAIT to hear it! What do you think of this new sound Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments below!